Melnik is located in Southwest Bulgaria and is the smallest town in the country.

It is situated at the foot of the Pirin mountain. The city was built in antiquity. Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, the city is an attractive tourist center. Attractive with its ancient houses, legendary history, incredible scenery and aromatic wines.

Melnik fascinates the tourists with the scenery of the Melnik sand cliffs, the attractive old houses with rich architecture, the beautiful scenery and the beautiful red wine. The town is declared a cultural and historical reserve. Interesting landmarks in the city are: The Town Historical Museum, the Kordopulov House. Near the town is the Rozhen Monastery, Rupite Area, Samuil’s Fortress.

Distances: Sofia – Melnik – 176 km, Plovdiv – Melnik – 323 km, Varna – Melnik – 620 km.